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Yihuai Zhang


Research interest:Motion planning and control

School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering,South China University of Technology

Phone: +86-15320349176

Address:381 Wushan Road,Tianhe District, Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

Educational Qualification

Research Papers

Project & Internship Experience

Project Management Intern in Alibaba Group.(2021.06-2021.08)

Project Management Intern in Guangzhou Xiaopeng MOTORS Technology Co.,Ltd.(2020.11-2021.04)

Tianchi Competition: Street View Character Encoding Recognition Rank:First 5%

Campus Experience

President of the student union of College of Engineering and Technology of Southwest University

Part-time Counselor of School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering of SCUT

Social Practice Experience

Support Teacher of Ren ai Middle School in Taiwan




I am an optimistic person and feel very excited about the emergence of new things and new ideas. I can set goals with others and accomplish them through the power of the team. My main research interest is motion planning and control, and I have an understanding of environment perception, deep learning, operations research, and optimization theory.